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Our Experts

Mona Zoet

Bruno Abrioux

Bruno is the Founder and CEO of encognize G.K., an independent Japan-based consultancy boutique focusing on digital technology trends, responsible leadership programs and strategic business development primarily in the RegTech and FinTech fields.

Prior to launching encognize G.K., Bruno has held since 1999 a variety of IT and business-related senior management positions in Europe and then APAC, working for global organizations and Fortune 500 companies that deliver mission critical technology solutions to the Financial Services Industry. Bruno has been based in Japan since 2007, servicing primarily the Capital Market industry with front-to-back, risk and compliance solutions designed for electronic trading related businesses till the launch of encognize G.K. 

Bruno is also a founding member of the NPO International RegTech Association (IRTA) that he represents in Japan.

Mona is the Founder of RegPac Pte. Ltd., a Regulatory Technology Ecosystem builder and Digital Knowledge Platform for Education, Networking and Thought Leadership Events.


Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavours, she has been in the banking industry specialising in Anti Money Laundering, Regulation and Compliance in the financial sector.

Mona is an Executive Board Member, South East Asia Lead and Singapore Chapter
President of the International RegTech Association (IRTA) which exists to ease and
accelerate the evolution of the RegTech industry, by facilitating integration, collaboration and innovation of all stakeholders, within the Financial Services sector.

She is also the Founder of ThinkMola Pte. Ltd., a boutique regulatory compliance and risk management consultancy firm based in Singapore.

She is the Director of Risk Management Committee and Special Projects within ACCESS (Association of Crypto Currency and Enterprises Start -Ups in Singapore) and works together with the Global Blockchain Forum (GBF) to establish best practices and practical guidelines re the use of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

Chye Kit

Chye Kit is the Founder and CEO of a RegTech startup - founded to solve the KYC problem by leveraging off the potential of blockchain technology, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and democratising the sovereignty of identity. It wants to promote regulatory inclusion and empowerment for the blockchain community with respect to KYC.

Chye Kit is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of and is responsible for its general operation, strategic direction and product development in the headquarter, Singapore. is an established and recognised RegTech100 company that provides Compliance and Regulatory SaaS products to customers in both the financial services industry and professional services industry. Its client base includes regulated insurers, fund managers, financial advisers, remittance companies, money changers, pawnbrokers, lawyers, accountants and corporate services providers as well FinTech and cryptocurrency ICO startups. 

In addition, Chye Kit founded CCK Solutions, a Regulatory and Compliance consultancy firm that specialises in addressing AML/CTF matters for clients in both the financial and non-financial sector.

Chye Kit has 20 years of financial and capital markets experience in Asia gained largely from working in Macquarie Group and ING Bank. His last role with Macquarie was Managing Director and Regional Head of Compliance, Asia. He started his career in an external audit role with PwC specialising in audit of financial services providers. 

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